6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From An Architectural Model

building architectural models

Architectural building models are three-dimensional miniature replicas of establishments developed to show the actual structure’s scale. Most people think only construction, real estate, and other building-focused businesses can benefit from it. This is a misconception.

Almost every business or campaign project out there can get something out of a 3D version of their establishment. Read on to find out what these advantages are.


  1. Scale Model

Whether you’re just putting up your first store or planning to add another branch to your business chain, building architectural models can help you out. It’ll enable you to visualize your building project’s scope, layout, dimensions, and spatial interrelationships accurately.

With a scale model, you can easily:

  • how certain aspects of your structure fit together;
  • determine if some designs are problematic;
  • lay down the electrical and ventilation system;
  • how sunlight will enter the building; and
  • pinpoint any errors before construction.

If you’re in the real estate and construction business, you can use a scale model to enhance your design pitches and property sales. It will allow you to:

  • show your clients what they’ll be getting;
  • explain to your client how certain aspects of the design plays together; and
  • show your client a detailed, accurate, and miniature version of the final structure.

And, in case you’re wondering, scale models are not limited to infrastructures. They also cover landscapes. Let’s say your business is located in a scenic spot in the mountains. You can showcase the breathtaking heights and sights of your location in your scale model.


  1. Map

Scale models can showcase massive complexes and multi-story places like airports, hospitals, amusement parks, shopping malls, convention centers, and more. It gives people an accurate reference point of where they are and how they can get to wherever they plan to go.


  1. Status Update

A 3D building model maker does not only create the finished version of a project or building plan; he/she can also create scale models of the establishment’s various stages of development.  It’s a great way to breath life to a work-in-progress and heighten the understanding, motivation, and enthusiasm of everyone involved. It also shows that a seemingly impossible or extremely daunting project is feasible.


  1. Sales

A well-constructed 3d scale model can move potential clients and investors in a way a binder describing the building’s features and amenities cannot. Scale models speak for themselves. They attract curious viewers and pique the interest of prospective customers and investors.


  1. Discussion Center Piece

Hosting an event and want guests to talk about your newest structure? A scale model can help you out. You might not be able to talk to all the relevant people about it, but you make sure that they see it. A well-developed scale model is self-explanatory after all.


  1. Construction Permit

Scale models can speed up the approval process and make it easier to get a construction permit. They show the authorities and regulators exactly how the finished building would look like, what materials are needed in its construction, and how it’ll affect its surrounding areas.

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